Dr. Voodoo 2: Zombie Outbreak


Dr. Voodoo 2 is a sequel to our first game. The player once again plays as Dr. Voodoo, but this time the hospital needs your help. They’ve realized that Dr. Voodoo’s unconventional ways of healing have actually been helping patients and now, in order to combat the impending Zombie Apocalypse, they need all the help they can get.

Through several mini games, the player must combat the zombie virus as it tries to take over each patient. The games get faster and more difficult as the player progresses.

Germ Drop – Tetris style mini game, turn the germ blocks to match groups of three and remove them from the board


Medical Match – Bejeweled style mini game, move items to match three in a row


Virus Attack – swipe to remove infected tissue and isolate the virus balls bouncing around


There are in app purchases available for power-ups that make the game easier.


Game Center integration allows the player to compete with friends for the high score.


When the player fails to save a patient, that patient turns into a zombie and attacks the player, who must try to then fend off the attack and destroy the zombie before getting bitten. Those players who succeed in avoiding a zombie bite are rewarded by being able to continue to the next patient. For those who fail, the game ends and their score is recorded if it is higher than their previous scores.