About Us

Carbon Saw is a small Baltimore-based company that creates graphics, animations, videos, apps, and games. Our current project is Dr. Voodoo 2: Zombie Outbreak, a sequel to a game we made several years ago.

Mission Statement

At Carbon Saw, our mission is to provide a variety of services and deliver quality work for reasonable prices. We strive to work with new and growing technology in a fast-paced digital world. Producing what the client needs is our aim, and we aspire to go above and beyond the minimum to reach for perfection. We believe in supporting and maintaining our client relationships as well as our work. Whether you need your website updated, a tweak in design, or another new project entirely, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Our History

Carbon Saw started as a spark in the founder’s mind in 2010 and has recently become a small freelance-based company, committed to delivering quality design, graphics, and/or technical support to every client.


Jenn Dahlke – Digital Specialist / Founder
Portfolio: jenndahlke.com

Brenna Miller – Graphic Designer
Portfolio: bfaymiller.wordpress.com

Samuel Endres – Computer Technician